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In this digital world, almost everyone is using the internet. The number of social media users among them is pretty high. Social networking services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are being used by billions of people out there. Though among the Facebook is the most popular and widely used service because of its features and you can easily bypass phone verification for it. Facebook can be used to stay connected with your friends and you can even share photos and videos over it. Another good thing about Facebook is that various pages of Facebook keep you updated with the latest happenings around the world. It completely depends on a user to follow/unfollow someone and the best thing about Facebook is that it is free. A lot of people are using Facebook daily to have a conversation and for business purposes as well.

With so many users around the world, hackers find it a good place to get private information about the people. Not only the information, but a lot of people have saved their personal photos, contacts, and even banking details on Facebook which can be exported by anyone who has access to your account. It is always recommended to have a strong password of your accounts online so it becomes harder for anyone to hack it. Having a strong password doesn’t mean your account is safe and it can’t be hacked. There are a number of ways available out there which can be used to hack FB online without software. If you are not aware of all of them till now, then you are missing out on something really important.

How To Hack Facebook Account - Hacking News Tutorials

Here in this post, we are going to tell you about how to hack a Facebook account password without downloading anything. You will also get to know about Facebook hack online methods. So if you want to know how to hack into someone’s Facebook, then you can follow the methods mentioned below to get the work done. Remember that using online Facebook hacker websites or apps it illegal and you must not do it to harm others. We have provided these methods only for educational purpose and you must take our guide on FB hack online for free only for educational purposes. We will not be responsible for anything wrong done by you and it can get you into serious trouble. So beware of the consequences before doing any kind of Facebook online hack.

Benefits of Learning How To Hack Facebook Account

Even though hacking is termed as a bad thing it is very beneficial in many ways. You must be aware of the difference between a hacker and a cracker. A hacker is someone who hacks into something and let the person know about the flaw. While a cracker is someone who hacks into something for stealing and black-hat purpose. While both of the terms include hacking, but there is a difference between their intentions related to the hack. We will recommend you to hack Facebook account online only for educational purpose and not for doing any illegal things like stealing personal details or for taking advantage. You can try these methods to hack a Facebook account either to spy on your kids or to check the level of security on your account. In both ways, we will recommend you to hack Facebook account only for educational purpose.

Why Not Use FB Hacker Software?

There are a lot of Facebook hacking software and websites available out there which claim to hack Facebook account online in 2 minutes. Well, since its launch Facebook has worked a lot on its security, and right now it is impossible for anyone to hack a Facebook account without knowing the details. You can’t simply put a Facebook username on the website and expect them to hack it for use. Without the Facebook account owner doing something or accessing their mobile/email, you can’t perform Facebook hacking. If you come across such sites that claim to hack a Facebook profile just by the username, we will recommend you to leave that website as it is 100% fake.

How To Hack A Facebook Account Online | Working Facebook Hacks Methods

Now you know much about Facebook hacking and some important things related to it. Before we tell you about how to hack Facebook ID, make sure you are not doing it for illegal purposes. There are many guides available on the internet that tells you about how to hack someone’s Facebook account, but we have mentioned multiple ways to do that. We hope you will find them useful and if you face any problem while using any of the methods mentioned below, then you can ask us about it via comments below.

Phishing – Hack Facebook Account Using URL Online

Facebook Phishing Page

What Is Phishing?

Phishing is the most commonly used method to hack Facebook passwords. This technique is more effective than any other method on this page. Facebook users can be easily fooled by using this method and you must be aware of it to keep yourself safe from falling for it. Phishing basically includes a fake website that looks exactly like Facebook and when a user submits his login credentials, his username/email and password is sent to the attacker.

  1. First of all open in an incognito window and make sure you are not logged into it.
  2. Now press CTRL + U on the Facebook login page to view the Source Code.
  3. Now copy-paste the entire source code from that page to Notepad.
  4. Now press CTRL + F to open the find box, and type “action” (without quotes). Find the action where the Facebook login page URL is mentioned. Replace that URL with process.php.
  5. You have to find the name of input fields using the inspect element (Ctrl + Shift + I), in our case, it is email and pass.
  6. Save this file as index.html.
  7. Now you have to get a username and password stored in a text file named phishing.txt.
  8. Create a file named process.php using the code we have mentioned below.

   Click Here To See Code

Once you are ready with everything, simply create an account on free web hosting websites like 000webhost or any other and upload your files there. Don’t forget to get and host a free domain name to use it for Facebook phishing. Now open index.html file and a Facebook login page will be shown to you. Send the URL to anyone and ask them to log in to Facebook to get something.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Phishing?

A phishing attack is not just for Facebook, but hackers can create fake login pages of any website they want. To keep yourself safe from this type of attack, always check the URL of the website before logging into it. If you are not sure about the website link, then search for the website in Google and open the URL from there. If you want to hack Facebook account of anyone, then you won’t be able to find anything better than this method.

Keylogger – FB Password Hacker Apps

Facebook Keylogger

A keylogger is a software that keeps a record of every stroke on the keyboard or mobile device. Before some time keyloggers were available only for PC devices, but right now there are many keylogger hacking apps for Android available too. A person who wants to hack Facebook account can send a keylogger by binding it into some other file like.RAR, image or executable file. A keylogger can also be used as a USB device and once they are plugged int a machine, every keystroke of that system will get saved into a separate file. In this way, you can hack someones Facebook account by installing a keylogger on their device and ask them to sign-in to their Facebook account by entering email/username and password.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Keylogger?

If you want to be safe from keyloggers and don’t want anyone to hack Facebook account of your, then make sure you are not infected with a keylogger. Never enter your Facebook email or password to sign-in when you are not sure about the plugged-in USB device. Also, you can take a notepad file with your Facebook login credentials written in it, then copy-paste your email/username and password while using a public computer. If you have downloaded any kind of file from the internet or took it from someone, then scan it locally in your device to be on the safer side. Below we have mentioned some more ways on how to hack Facebook online and you can follow them too to hack a Facebook account.

Social Engineering – How To Hack Facebook Password Free

Facebook Social Engineering

Well, Social Engineering is not actually hacking, but if you want to know how to hack Facebook password crack, then you can try this method too. There are many people out there who don’t use a strong password like one with capital alphabets, symbols, and numbers. Sometimes it becomes very easy to guess password of someone because it relates to something in their life. If you are on a public network, then you can also use VPN apps for Android to be on a safer side. Most of the people either have their phone number, pet name, girlfriend/boyfriend or any other family member’s name, native place, etc. If the person whose account you are trying to hack is someone you know personally, then you can easily hack into their account.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Social Engineering?

Being safe from social engineering attacks on Facebook is very easy. Just don’t add a weak security or recovery method in your profile. Always try to keep hard to guess question and answer as your security question. Recently Facebook added a new feature that doesn’t let anyone enter the profile until 24 hours even if the answer to the security question is right. Meanwhile, you can also enable Two-Factor Authentication and Login Alerts on your Facebook profile. They will add an extra layer of security to your account and they are known to keep an account safe no matter it is Facebook or any other website.

Password Grabbing – Hack Facebook Account With Username

Facebook Applications Access

Password grabbing is an advanced level of Facebook account hacking and the hacker must have a knowledge about the working of the websites. Facebook API allows website owners to integrate Login Via Facebook option on their websites. Though the website owner has to add some codes to their website, but users who log in with Facebook on that website can become a victim of it. This method may sound like a phishing attack, but it is different because it includes a legit website in the process. If you are skeptical about any website and its login process then we will recommend you not to connect your Facebook account with that website.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Password Grabbing?

To protect your Facebook account from being hacked, never login to any untrustworthy websites with Facebook. Keep an eye on your account activity by going to the settings of your account. If you have logged in with Facebook on any website or app, then make sure you are giving only some permission to them. If you notice any unusual activity on your profile, then change your password as soon as possible to stay on the safe side.

Malicious Extensions/Apps – How To Hack FB Account

Facebook Malicious Extensions-Apps

If you use a PC or laptop to use Facebook, then it can be hacked easily using a browser extension. If you use Facebook on mobile and log in with it on games/apps to see your friends using the same app then it can grant access to the attacker. While this method does not comes under hacking, but people who have access to your account has got some power to control your account indirectly. There are millions of browser extensions and apps available out there which may ask you to sign-in with Facebook to see your friends using the same thing or to enjoy some extra benefits. Those tools can be dangerous if you are not sure about their authenticity. If you want to hack someone’s Facebook account then you can also create a browser extension or mobile app and ask them to sign-in with Facebook. If they grant certain permissions to your app, then you will get control over their account activity.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Getting Hacked?

While installing or logging in with Facebook on other websites and apps, make sure to read the permissions they are asking for. If you are not sure about the application you are using, then don’t log in with Facebook onto them. Also, download and install browser extensions only from a trusted source and from the browser’s official app store.

If you have enabled any app on your profile and want to revoke authorization for it, then you can visit Facebook Applications Page to know about the apps you have logged in with Facebook. Keep an eye on the information different apps can view and edit related to your account.

Final Words

Now you know everything about how to hack Facebook account password for free, and we hope you have found what you were looking for. Though there are many Facebook account hacking methods available out there, but the methods mentioned on this page works best among all. Never ever try to hack a Facebook account for illegal purposes because it can land you in a problem and it is against the law.

We will keep updating this post with the latest information on Facebook account hack tricks, so keep visiting Hacking News Tutorials to know about them. Till then you can try using the Facebook account hacking methods mentioned above. If you are facing any issues in following the methods mentioned above, or you have any questions related to them, then you can let us know about them via the comments below.