How To Delete Multiple Instagram Photos At Once [WORKING]

Instagram is currently one of the most popular and widely used image and video sharing network in the world. More than 1 billion people are using this social networking app like Clownfish Voice Changer to connect with people they love. Since its release, Instagram has changed a lot and many new features have been introduced. The story feature which can now be seen in every popular app and service these days was introduced first by Instagram. Apart from all these features, Instagram is being used mainly as an image and video sharing network that can be used on both the PC and mobile as an app. You can download Instagram app for your Android and iOS devices for free right from your respective app stores.

If you are searching for Instagram for PC, then you may need to use the official Instagram website. Since Instagram now allows you to send and receive messages on the desktop site, it has become a lot easier for everyone to use Instagram on PC. One feature which is still missing in both the Instagram app and website is bulk delete option for the posts. If you are thinking to delete multiple Instagram posts at once, then you won’t be able to do it since there is not an official way to do so. If you want to delete Instagram multiple photos at once, then you will need some third-party tools and apps. There are many good and working Instagram photo deleter apps available out there that can get the work done.

How To Delete Multiple Instagram Photos-Posts

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about apps to delete Instagram photos and will tell you how to mass delete Instagram posts. Remember that there are many fake tools and apps available out there so beware of such apps that might try to hack your account. There are many tools available out there that allow you to download multiple Instagram photos at once but most of them are fake and the same goes for mass delete Instagram photos tools. We have tried different ways to delete multiple photos on Instagram and found out some working solutions for it. If you are thinking to delete multiple Instagram photos then you can use the methods mentioned below without any worries.

How To Delete Instagram Posts [Official Way]

Well, if you want to know how to delete an Instagram post then let us tell you that by-default you get an option to delete Instagram posts right in the app and on the website version as well. By using this option, you will be able to delete Instagram posts one-by-one so if you don’t have many photos or posts to delete, then this is the best method you can follow for deleting posts from Instagram.

Another advantage of this method is that you will be able to review each post or photo before deleting it. If you will use some kind of tools or apps for Instagram posts deletion, then it will just delete multiple posts at once and if you have selected any wrong setting in them, then you might lose your posts. If you are not looking for ways on how to delete all Instagram posts then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all log-in to the Instagram app or website.
  • Now open the post you want to delete.
  • Tap on 3-Dots from the top-right corner.
  • A pop-up menu will appear on your screen.
  • Tap on the Delete option.

Delete Instagram Posts

  • A confirmation box will show-up.
  • Just tap on Delete and the post will be deleted forever.

Things Needed To Delete Multiple Instagram Pictures

Those who are searching for how to delete more than one picture on Instagram and don’t have a clue of what tools or things you will need don’t have to worry. We have included ways to delete multiple Instagram posts from both the PC and mobile devices. It doesn’t matter if you are using Windows, MAC or Linux PC because these methods will work on all of them.

Similarly, you don’t have to worry if you are using an Android or iOS device because we have listed apps to delete multiple Instagram photos for free. We are constantly searching for more working ways to do so, and we will keep this post updated with more methods as we find them. You can either bookmark this page or subscribe to our blog for notifications to know about the latest methods.

How To Delete Multiple Instagram Photos At Once

Now you know how to delete a post on Instagram manually and its time to tell you about some ways about how to delete all Instagram photos at once. Remember that, to delete multiple posts on Instagram at once, you will need to use some third-party apps and services just like to fix Steam content file locked error. These services will ask you to enter your login credentials in them, so once you have used these kinds of services make sure to change your account password to prevent unauthorized access. We have mentioned multiple methods below that will tell you how to delete multiple Instagram photos at once for free. You don’t have to pay a single penny to delete Instagram posts using them, so you can use any method mentioned below.

Cleaner For Instagram – Android & iOS

This is probably one of the best ways to delete multiple Instagram posts automatically. Cleaner For Instagram is a very popular app that can get various work done related to Instagram. You can use this app to unfollow, block, unblock, unlike and download posts from Instagram in bulk. Another good thing about this app is that it is free and available for both Android and iOS devices. It makes the Instagram posts deletion process easier for everyone as you just have to run this app once to delete multiple posts in one go. You already know how to delete Instagram posts individually and with this app, you can do the same with multiple posts. Here is how you can use this app to delete multiple Instagram photos and videos automatically.

  • First of all, login into the app using your Instagram username and password.
  • Now click on the Media Button from the bottom bar.

Cleaner For Instagram App

  • You can now select multiple posts that you want to delete.
  • Once done, click on the Lightening Button from the bottom-right corner.
  • Tap on Delete Button. If you want to download posts before deleting then click on Download.

Delete All Instagram Posts

  • Just tap on the Start Now option to start the deletion process.

Cleaner For Instagram Delete Photos

  • If you want then you can also click on the same button to Select All media if you want to delete every post of your account.

The free version of this app allows you to do 50 actions per account and if you want more than you can upgrade for pro.

   Cleaner For Instagram         Cleaner For Instagram

InstaG Purger Script

Scripts make every task easy and the same goes with Instagram post deletion. If you are someone who wants to clean his profile by deleting every post from the profile, then this script can help you in getting the work done. You will just need a PC and a web browser to run the script. Everything is done automatically so you can just run the Instagram posts deletion script and go out to have a coffee only to come back later to find out a cleaned IG profile. We have added every step below that you can follow to run this script and in our case, we have used Google Chrome browser. All of the options are the same in each browser so it doesn’t matter which browser you are using you can run this script without any worries. Here’s how to do it.

   InstaG Purger Script

  • First of all, open your web browser and log-in with your Instagram account.
  • Now, go back to your Profile Page (not Instagram home page).
  • Right-click anywhere on the page and click on Inspect.
  • You can also press CTRL + SHIFT + I to get it.

Inspect Element

  • Click on Toggle Device Toolbar or press CTRL + SHIFT + M.
  • Just reload the webpage to make everything load properly.

Toggle Device Toolbar

  • Click on the Instagram Profile Page icon from bottom-right.

Instagram Profile Page

  • Click on the Console tab in the Developer Console.

Console Tab

  • Now, copy and paste the InstaG Purger Script in Console Tab.
  • Hit Enter and wait for the script to run.

InstaG Purger Script

  • Your posts will start getting deleted from latest to oldest.
  • You can change the value in the script from 5 to the number of posts you want to delete.
  • Just refresh the page to see the changes made in your account.

Move Posts To Archive

The methods mentioned about tells you how to delete photos on Instagram in bulk, but if you are not sure about the deletion, then you can simply move your posts to archive. Remember that deleting a post and moving to the archive are two different things. If you will archive a post, then you can get it back anytime and if you have deleted anything then you won’t be able to get it back. Those who want to take down any post temporarily can use this method of moving the Instagram posts to archive so it can be brought back anytime. Here is how you can move and get back the posts from the Instagram archive.

  • First of all, open the post you want to move the archive to.
  • Now click on 3-Dots from the top-right corner.
  • On the pop-up menu, click on Archive.
  • Your post will be moved to the archive section.

Move Instagram Posts To Archive

This process will allow you to move Instagram posts to the archive section individually. It can’t be done in bulk and once you have moved your posts to archive you can get it back anytime. Here are the steps that need to be followed to move archive posts back to the Instagram profile.

  • Click on the 3 Lines button or Menu Button on the top-right corner.
  • Tap on the Archive option (clock icon).

Open Instagram Archive

  • You will be taken to the Archive Section.
  • Find the post you want to make visible again on your Instagram profile.
  • Click on the post and tap on the 3-Dots Icon.
  • A pop-up will appear on your screen, just tap on Show On Profile.

Show On Profile

  • Your post will now be visible again on the profile.

Final Words

So this is how to delete Instagram photos fast and easily without worrying about the security of your account. There are many people out there who are searching for ways to download Instagram photos bulk and if you are among them, then keep visiting our blog as soon we are going to post about this here. If you know about some more methods about how to delete Instagram posts then you can tell us about them.

We will keep this post updated with more ways to delete multiple Instagram pictures, so keep visiting Hacking News Tutorials to know about them. Once you have used a third-party app or service for doing any type of work on Instagram, we will recommend you to change your account password to keep everything safe. If you are facing any issues while following any method mentioned on this page or you have any questions related to them then you can ask us about them via the comments below.