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In this digital era, almost everyone uses a smartphone and PC. With the improvement in technology, so many new features and resources are available right now to make our work a lot easier using CyberFlix TV APK. Online editor tools are available which lets you edit images, documents, videos, and a lot more files online. Along with it, cloud-based websites are there too, which lets you store and access your files anytime anywhere. Inspired by this, there are file hosting and file sharing sites that you can use to share your files with anyone. Though there are cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. available for file hosting, but there are much more alternative file sharing sites available out there.

It doesn’t matter what kind of file you want to share, you can always use file sharing and online cloud storage websites to save them online. Once you have uploaded your file online, you can then share a direct download link of that particular file with anyone you want. Remember that there are some terms and conditions of each website and you must read them before using any website. Not every free file sharing sites support every kind of file so you must use them only to upload and share the approved files. If you will try to share suspicious or harmful files, then they will be removed from your online storage as soon as you upload it. So you are requested to use every free file sharing website with caution.

Free File Sharing Sites

Here in this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best free file sharing sites and file-hosting websites to store and share your files online. Another advantage you get while using file hosting sites is that you can also invite your friends, co-worker, and clients to work on a specific file or folder. Each file hosting sites have their own limitations and advantages, so we are going to tell you about top file sharing and hosting sites which you can use if you are looking for some file sharing sites. You can also use these sites to store and save your data online so you can access is anywhere anything. Most of the file sharing sites are free so you don’t have to worry about the pricing too.

What Are File Sharing Sites?

As we told above, file sharing sites are basically a way of storing and sharing your files online. Whenever you download something from the internet it becomes impossible to share it with everyone without being near. You can always use offline file transfer apps like Xender and SHAREit to share files offline without using the internet but it is not possible every time. If you want to share files with someone who is far away from you or you are someone who wants to share a file or files with multiple people then you should consider using online file sharing websites. You can keep your files on the file hosting website as long as you want as they work as your online storage too.

File Sharing Sites List

Free File Sharing Sites Without Registration | Best File Sharing Sites

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best peers to peer file sharing sites and file hosting sites available right now. This is a free service from Google which lets you store your photos, documents and almost all kind of things online. You don’t even have to register for it as your Google account is what you need to get started with Google Drive. You can also download its app for mobile and tablet devices to access and share your files and folders anywhere anytime you want. You’ll get 15GB of storage for free, and if you need more, then you can buy using any of their plans.



4shared is a free file storage and popular file sharing site that lets you store anything on your account. You can upload files and folders from your device and then share them on any network or app you want. You can also discover new and trending uploads on 4shared and there’s an option to make your uploads private. If you are looking for some MP3 file sharing sites even then you can consider using this website. Though using 4shared is free, but if you want some advanced features like more storage, ad-free interface, more security, etc. then you can subscribe to their paid plans.



You might have heard about Mediafire before. This is also one of the best file sharing websites that you can use to share and store your files online. This website is free to use and by creating an account on it, you’ll be eligible for 10GB of free space. Along with it, you can also do some simple tasks to earn more storage up to 50GB. This website is currently being used by more than 50 million around the world, and another good thing about Mediafire online file sharing sites is that you can also upload multiple files at once using it.



Zippyshare is a free file hosting website that allows you to upload and share files with anyone. Though you can also upload and share files without creating an account, but if you want to track your files and downloads, then you can create an account on it first. This free file sharing website is 100% free and there is no download and upload limits. The only disadvantage of using Zippyshare file sharing sites without registration is that you can upload a maximum of 200MB files on it. If you are looking for some free file sharing sites and file sharing sites for download, then Zippyshare is for you.



If you are looking for some file sharing sites free and file-hosting sites for business and professional purposes, then you should use Box. This website is one of the most popular music file sharing sites and hosting website which allows you to store and work on your files online. You will need to create an account on it to get started with it, and it also lets you enjoy Box services for a 2-week free trial period. If you are an individual, then you can use it for free with limited functions, but it is definitely one of the best file sharing sites and among top file sharing sites like DropBox.

One Drive


OneDrive is a service from Microsoft and it allows you to store and share your files online. This is basically a cloud-based service and you can enjoy OneDrive services on your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. You can store and share almost anything using OneDrive and the best thing about this free online file sharing and storage website is that there are two plans available for it. One is free for individuals and lite users while the other one is paid, which is for heavy and business users. You can get started with OneDrive just after visiting the website, and signing up and sharing files using this website is pretty easy too.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive

If you are using an iOS device like iPhone or MAC, then you will be glad to know about this free service from Apple about online file sharing and hosting website. iCloud is what it sounds like, an online cloud storage service which is also a top file sharing sites. To get started with it, you will need to create an Apple Account and once you have done that you can start uploading and sharing your file over different networks. iCloud also offer paid plans because with the free account you will only get online storage of about 5GB. If you are using an iOS device then you should definitely consider using iCloud over other sites.

Send Space


SendSpace website is especially for those who are looking for free file sharing websites to share large files. You can use the SendSpace file hosting site to send, receive, track and share your big files anytime anywhere. Though you can use this website without creating an account, but if you want to track downloads and have some personal files to share, then do consider creating an account. If this website is not accessible at your location, then you can use a VPN to open it as it is among file sharing sites like YouTube. This website is also available as an application for Windows, MAC, Linux and Android devices.



MEGA is basically a cloud storage and file sharing website which offers 50GB of free storage space. If you are looking for a secure and easy to use file hosting website, then you can consider using Mega. Another good thing about this website is that the files uploaded on this website are encrypted and only the user holds the decryption keys. Though this website is not accessible in some countries, and if you are from the same, then you can use any VPN to use it for free file hosting and sharing. You can get 50GB free storage and paid plans starts from ‎€8.33 per month for storage up to 4TB.

Send Transfer


Send Transfer is a website that can be used for sending large files. Attaching files and sending via email is not possible every time so you can use the Send Transfer website to upload your file there and then share it with anyone. There are two ways available of sharing files, either via a shareable link or by using an email plugin. You can create your account for free on this file sharing website and the best thing about it is that it uses 128-bit encryption for uploading and sharing your files. Though this website is paid, but you can enjoy free plans of it too and enjoy uploading and sharing of maximum 10GB files at once.

Final Words

So this is all about file sharing sites 2020 and we hope you have found what you were looking for. P2P file-sharing sites are definitely helpful when you are looking for some ways to share large files or files with multiple people at once. Though you can always search file-sharing sites on Google and get a list of more such sites, but the websites mentioned above works best among all.

File sharing websites and file-hosting sites are everyone’s needs these days and that is why Hacking News Tutorials came up with this cloud storage website list. There are many free file sharing sites available out there but beware of the fake websites. Never use any suspicious websites to host your files as they may get stolen you can become a victim of data theft. Instead of that, you should use any of the websites from this file sharing sites list.