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The internet is a very useful thing in everyone’s life as it connects people with each other. Before some time it was hard to talk with people as only phones were available at that time like Mi Unlock Tool. In today’s world, there are countless ways and services available over the internet which allows you to talk with anyone from any corner of the world. It is not just about voice calling but you can also do video calling to anyone just by using the internet. Many people have started using it for showcasing their talent and connect with people who share the same interest. Though it is really easy to call and talk with someone using the internet, exposing yourself to strangers on the internet might not sound like a good idea.

If you use services like Skype, Discord, Viber, Steam, etc. and often do voice chatting or calling via them, then you can consider changing your voice. We are not talking about the real voice, but by using some voice changing software like Clownfish you can easily change your voice on the internet. The best thing about the Clownfish voice changer is that it is capable of changing voices in real-time so you can use it in any VoIP software or service. You can use this tool to play jokes on your friends (in a good way) or to give a humorous touch to your games. If you have never heard about the Clownfish voice modulator then you are missing out on something really interesting.

Clownfish Voice Changer

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about the Clownfish voice changer and will provide you the link to download Clownfish voice changer. Remember that this software is a creation of an independent user, so you won’t be able to find it on any official app stores like Windows Store, Google Play Store, iTunes Store, etc. Also, Clownfish voice changer is currently available only for Windows-based devices so you can’t use it on your MAC and Linux systems. We have shared every possible information related to Clownfish voice changer for Windows and you must read this post till the end to know everything about it.

What Is Clownfish Voice Changer?

Clownfish is basically a voice changing software that allows you to talk in any other voice using your PC. This is a system-wide voice changer for Windows that means you can use it with any service to speak in any other voice. A majority of Clownfish users are using it with Discord, Skype, Steam, Facebook Messenger and many more. It is a very simple and easy to use program which doesn’t require any technical knowledge. The best thing about this Clownfish free voice changer software is that you don’t have to configure anything. As soon as you will install and enable it on your Windows PC, it will start changing the voice of every tool that uses a microphone or other audio capture devices.

Features of Clown Fish Discord Voice Changer

Best Voice Changer – Clownfish is currently one of the best voice changer software available out there. Though there are many tools like Clownfish available out there but most of them are either paid or have a subscription plan. On the other hand, Clownfish is absolutely free and has got very unique features than those paid ones. Moreover, it doesn’t ask you to sign-up or register anywhere to download the software. If you are looking for voice changers for Discord then you should definitely download Clownfish.

In-Built Music Player – Not only voice changer but Clownfish software has also got an in-built music player that allows you to play music files right inside the app. Also, if you want then you can take advantage of the Clownfish text to speech reader to read the text in any voice you want. According to the official website, soon the Clownfish voice changer APK file will be made available for Android devices but till then you should use Clownfish for Windows only.

Easy To Use Interface – Clownfish has got a very clean and easy to use interface so you won’t be facing any problem while using this tool. Everything is available right on the main screen from where you can configure the settings and you can always get access to this tool from the System Tray. If you are not able to figure out who Clownfish works, then you can also search for the Clownfish voice changer tutorial on YouTube and get a video guide about it.

Text To Speech Voice Assistant – There are some people who don’t have a microphone with them always and if you are among them, the Clownfish Assistant can be helpful to you in changing the voice. Many people have complained about Clownfish voice changer broke my mic, to get rid of this problem type or copy-paste any text into the Text-To-Speech field to make Clownfish voice changer tool read it in any language or voice you want.

100% Free & Safe – Clownfish Voice Changer is completely free and safe to use tools for changing your voice anywhere on the internet. There are many websites out there where you can find links to download the Clownfish voice changer mobile version but there is nothing like that available officially. So we will recommend you to stay away from such sites and do not download Clownfish for any other OS than Windows and that too from the official website provided below.

Clownfish Voice Changer Features

Is Clownfish Voice Changer Safe?

There are many people out there who are thinking that the Clownfish voice changer for Discord might not be safe to use. This app is developed by an independent developer but it doesn’t mean it is not safe to use. Millions of people are already using it for changing their voice on networks like Discord, Skype, Steam and many more. Well, you don’t have to worry about anything while downloading or using the Clownfish voice modifier because this software is completely safe to use. Millions of people are already using it and you can be the next. To be on a safer side, we will recommend you to download this tool only from the website we have provided below and not from any other website.

Download Clownfish Voice Changer | Clownfish Discord

Now you know much about Clownfish voice changer and its time to provide you the link to download Clownfish voice changer tool for Windows. By using the link mentioned below, you will be able to download Clownfish voice changer software. Remember that we have provided the official download link in this post and you must consider using it to download this tool and to fix DPC_Watchdog_Violation. There are many websites out there where you can find download links of Clownfish, but beware of the fake websites. You may end up downloading some virus or malware in your device in the name of voice changer Clownfish.

   Download Clownfish Voice Changer

File Size640KB
Latest Versionv1.10
Operating SystemWindows
DeveloperBogdan Sharkov
Last Updated[month] [year]
Total Downloads10M+

How To Set Up Clown Fish Free Voice Changer Discord

  • First of all download Clownfish voice changer software from above.
  • Install the app in your Windows device and open it.
  • Right-click on the Clownfish icon from System Tray.
  • Click on the Setup to open Clownfish Settings.
  • Look for Microphone Settings and click on the Install Button next to it.

Clownfish Microphone Setup

  • Go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound.
  • Navigate to Recording Tab, right-click on your mic and click “Set As Default Device”.

Clownfish Voice Changer Set As Default

  • Now your mic is ready to work with Clownfish voice changing software.
  • You can follow the below steps to set-up Clownfish to make it work with your Discord and other tools.

How To Use Clownfish Voice Changer On Discord

Well, to be honest, it is not Clownfish voice changer Discord but you can also use Clownfish on other networks like Viber, Skype, Hangouts, Steam, TeamSpeak and many more. Usage is the same for all and that is why we have shared the tutorial on how to use Clownfish Voice Changer on Discord:

  • First of all download and install Clownfish Voice Changer.
  • Go to Desktop, or click on on the Clownfish icon from System Tray.
  • Click on the “Set Voice Changer” button.

Set Voice Changer Clownfish

  • You can also select a voice from Baby, Robot, System, Siri, Clone, etc.
  • Adjust the “Pitch Level” as per your needs.
  • Your voice on Discord will be changed by the Clownfish now.

How To Fix Clownfish Voice Changer Not Working

There can be many reasons behind Clownfish voice changer not working for you and so does the solutions to make it work. Though most of the time Clownfish voice changer autotune will start working again if you will set a default mic for the software. As we have already told you above, you can set a mic in the Clownfish Discord voice changer according to your needs. Below we have mentioned some of the solutions to fix not working free voice changer for Discord.

Method 1. Install/Remove Voice Changer

  • Right-click on the Clownfish Voice Changer icon from System Tray.
  • Click on Setup and find Install/Remove Voice Changer.
  • Now you have to Install Microphone (if not installed).
  • See the below image for reference. Just click on Install and wait.

Clownfish Voice Changer Not Working

  • If you have already installed it, then click on Remove and Install it again.

Method 2. Download Clownfish Voice Changer Latest Version

Another reason why the Clownfish voice modulator for Discord is not working for you is that you might be using an older version of this software. If you are facing any issues with the voice changer of Clownfish then consider downloading the latest version Clownfish voice changer from its official website. We have provided the download link above, still, you can follow the steps mentioned below to download the latest version of this software.

Clownfish Voice Changer Latest

If you are not sure which version of OS you are using, then right-click on My Computer and select Properties.
Find System Type and check the version of Windows you are using. Also, remember that this tool is currently available only for Windows-based devices so if you are looking for a Clownfish voice changer MAC version or Clownfish voice changer Android app then this is not for you.

Method 3. Install Clownfish Voice Changer In Default Directory

When you install a program on your system, it gets installed in the default directory. Though a user can change the installation directory at the time of installation and if you have done that too, then you need to re-install the software again. Many users have reported this problem and many of them were able to fix this issue by re-installing the Clownfish Voice Changer again. To do this, simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Press Windows Key + R and type “appwiz.cpl” (without quotes).
  • Press Enter and a new window with Installed Programs will be shown.
  • Select Clownfish from the list and Uninstall it.
  • Now download the latest version and Install it on your device.
  • Don’t forget to keep to the Installation Directory as default.
  • When you will open it, the program will run normally.

Clownfish Voice Changer Setup

Final Words

So this is all about Clownfish Discord voice changer free and we hope you are able to do Clownfish voice changer download from this page. There are many voice changer software available out there over the internet, but Clownfish for Discord works best among all. If you are looking for a simple and easy to use voice changer, then we will recommend you to try this tool

We will keep updating this post with the latest Clownfish voice changer for Discord, so keep visiting Hacking News Tutorials to know about it. Beware of fake websites which are providing fake Clownfish voice modifier so you must download it from this page only. If you are facing any issues in downloading or using Clownfish free voice changer then you can ask us for help via comments below.