American Underdog (2021) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

American Outsider (2021) Actors, Release Date, Story, Trailer

Starring American Outsiders: Zachary Levy, Anna Paquin, Hayden Zaller. American Underdog release date: December 25, 2021 (USA). Failure American directors: Andrew Erwin, John Erwin. The American underdog is full of biography, drama, and sports. Now I will tell you all about American Underdog (2021).

American Loser is an American biopic drama film (2021). Zachary Levy, Anna Pakuin, Hayden Zaller are the main cast of the American outsider (2021). Artist Zachary Levy thought about how God’s fingerprints are miraculously “everywhere” “all over the place” in his latest film, American Outsider, and how to meet Kurt and Brenda Warner. The American underdog will debut on December 25, 2021.

The American underdog entered the field before the first shot. Explore the history of the Kurt Warner Professional Football Hall of Fame in our Dallas, Redlands and Monrovia neighborhoods. Apparitions for all venues are open on Christmas Day. To be able, in any case, to see briefly conceivable results outside of our present conditions.

The story of NFL MVP and Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, who went from unloading counters in a supermarket to an American football star.

Cinema: American Underdog (2021)
Directors: Andrew Erwin, John Erwin
Writers: Kurt Warner, Michael Silver, David Aaron Cohen
Main stars: Zachary Levy, Anna Pakuin, Hayden Zaller
Genres: Biography, Drama, Sports
The country: United States
Language: English
release date: December 25, 2021 (USA)
Lead time: 1 hour 52 minutes
Filming locations: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Also known as: American Underdog: The Story of Kurt Warner, American Underdog, American Underdog, American Underdog (2021)

Zachary Levy Like Kurt Warner
Anna Paquin Like Brenda Meoni
Hayden Zaller As Zach
Ser’Darius Blaine Like Mike Hudnutt
Dennis Quaid As Dick Vermeil
Chance Kelly Like Mike Martz
Simeon Castile As Isaac Bruce
Bruce McGill As Jim Foster
Adam Baldwin As Coach Allen
Cindy Hogan As Sue Warner
Nicholas Harris As Ray Lewis
Stephen Chester Prince Like Gene Warner
Dean Denton Like David Gillies
Kevin Downs As John Ramsdell
Cora Wilkerson As Jesse (4 years old)
Morgana Shaw As Jenny Joe
Danny Vinson Like Larry
Andrea Cohen Like a tired teacher
Katie Fountain Like kim
Bo Hart As young Kurt (9 years old)
Bryce Brookbauer As young Matt (11 years old)
Brett Warvel As Steve Moh Mariucci
Chris Rhodes As Reggie White
Joshua gentlemen Like Derek
McKileen Rowe Like Marshall
Johnny Horn Like a security guard
Ben hall As a petrol station attendant – Edward
Trisha Zarate Like He-Wee cashier
Damian Love How tiny
Matt Bassuener As Brett Favre
Blake Henri As a skinny dancer on a rodeo line
Doug Van Liu As a line dancer of the angel of hell
Sean Arbor As a dancer on the Pretty Boy line
Sean Albertson As Agent Kurt Warner
Eli Gold As a commentator for the Panthers
Brad Nessler As announcer Barnstormers
Gus Johnson As a CBS announcer
Al michaels As a Super Bowl announcer
Boomer Esiason As a Super Bowl announcer
Steve Levy Sports Center Anchor
Wally Wallace As a sports radio columnist
O. Jay Keith Simpson
As Marshall Folk
Caves McGow
As a reporter
Mark Allen
Like a fanatic Rams Fan
Miguel Andrews
As Rams Medic
Bryce Barfield
As head coach of the opposing college
Jeff Barron
Like a security guard
Greg Butterson
As Rams Medic
Brett Bauer
As a seller
Aaron J. Brooks
As a Hy-Vee customer
Mary K. Bruce
Like a rejected dancer / line dancer / pedestrian
Carol Kaho
As a fan
Clarissa Kozzonic
As Barnstormer Cheerleader
Julien Rosa de Oliveira
As a wedding guest
Mario Ezeh
As Rams Player

Omitted and it is believed that in this film Zachary Levy portrayed Steve “Moch” Mariucci. In cases where we live right now, it is so important to share stories like this. However, inspiring and inspiring stories show the importance of confidence, family, and love itself. The American Outsider is the true story of the NFL lobby of famous quarterback Kurt Warner, played by the preeminent Zachary Levy in theaters on Christmas Day.

American Losers Story, it really happens. This is an abnormal, frightening, exciting and incomprehensible interaction that we accept will be exciting and engaging. In fact, the film is so extraordinary and wonderfully created by the Erwin family, but what’s more, it suddenly sneaks up with an incredible story. Fill auditoriums this Christmas weekend.